Is your Money safe when you use a credit card at a Restaurant?

Here is an article regarding three men charged with hacking data from Dave & Buster’s and selling customers credit cards numbers costing financial institutions more than $600,000.

Here is the full article

This theft is not even close to the first time as pointed out in the article. It has happened with other retailers. I have always wondered how safe our information is with retailers, restaurants and especially call centers. I have always felt very uneasy giving my credit card number or social security over the phone. I used to tell myself I was being paranoid but I don't think so. What is to keep these employees from jotting down my credit card number for their own use or selling the information?

I had a friend who is a recovering compulsive gambler who admitted to me once during a time when she needed to confide in someone, that when she was a waitress she would sometimes change customers tips on a credit card receipt. She had ways of doing this and I do not know how but she somehow charged people extra on the tip line. I was so surprised that my good friend did this (she does not do these things anymore and is in recovery) but unfortunately I was not that surprised that a waitress was able to do this. My suspicious nature always suspected this. I do not think that these retailers and restaurants take it as seriously and they should.

We really would like to hear from our readers about any other incidents that they have experienced with this topic for a future article about credit fraud. Please hit comments and let us know your stories.

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