Free Fitness Membership for 13-15 year olds in Ohio. Freebies

Fitworks Fitness Centers is currently offering a free summer membership to teens 13-15 years of ageas part of their Community Outreach Program designed to help combatever-growing adolescent obesity rates. Teens are able to take advantage of the free summer membership anytime now through September 5, 2008 by visiting .

Fitworks Free Teen Summer Membership Program.Available to teens 13-15 years of age . Membership is valid now through September 5, 2008 at any Fitworks location. There is absolutely NO cost associated with this free membership. Parents do NOT need to be members. First visits/workouts must be scheduled online at & complete free membership details can be found there. Parent or legal guardian must accompany teen on first visit whereupon they must authorize the membership and required code of conduct. A report card must be presented for age verification.


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