Free Cici's if Olympic Diving Scores a Perfect 10 in Bejing Olympic Games!

Free Pepperoni Flip if a USA Diver scores a 10.

CiCi's Pizza is offering a FREE
Pepperoni Flip when an American diver flips their way to an overall perfect
10 in the finals of the 10-meter platform competition. The men's and
women's final event airs on two nights, those hoping to score a flip should
tune in August 21 for the women's finals and August 23 for the men's
finals. During the final competition of the 10-meter platform event, if a
U.S. diver receives a perfect 10 as an overall score -- a rating that needs
to be awarded by all the judges, Americans can visit their local CiCi's to
get their free Flip on Monday, August 25, the day after the Olympics close
between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. One free Pepperoni Flip per party will be
honored. CiCi's introduced the new Pepperoni Flip for $3.99 to guests
earlier this year, it is similar to a calzone, filled with fresh pepperoni
and a zesty combination of spices, parmesan and Romano cheese.
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