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When my son started college this year he had to get Microsoft Office for his classes. This program is over $300.00. The college had it for $150.00 for students. So, I searched Ebay. We bought a link to Microsoft for students and we got the program for $70.00 on Ebay. We paid $3.00 for the information. My son was sceptical but now he is sold. He got a great deal and we saved him $80.00. The link is available to anyone but we did not know where it was until we bought it from Ebay. We basically paid someone to give us informaiton. I have since bought Gift Certificates for popcorn , and restaurant coupons from Ebay. We have also purchased Gift Certificates at Christmas for a substantial savings. Check it out. Some can be scams . Just be sure to purchase from people who have been on Ebay for a long time and always use a credit card or Paypal so you have recourse to get your money back if there is a problem. Let us know at if you have other Ebay Coupons Stories!

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