The Salmonella Dillema. Stop eating Tomatoes and Lettuce forever? I might.

When the first Salmonella issues happened a few years ago at Taco Bell, I quit eating lettuce and asked my kids to do the same. I knew that as soon as tomatoes had the bug lettuce was sure to follow. Colorado was not usually in the warnings but now we are in the middle of it. I asked my son ( who had brain tumor surgery last year) the other day if he has stopped eating tomatoes and lettuce and he said that he couldn't order them if he wanted to. There are signs all over town telling consumers you cannot order lettuce and tomato.

I do not wait until establishments let me know. I have asked restaurants in the past if they heard about outbreaks when they were happening and one manager of a restaurant said she waits for her wholesale produce providers to let her know and she hadn't heard anything about it.

So, my two cents are-
1) Do not assume that grocery stores and restaurants will immediately stop sales of tainted vegetables and fruit. In most cases, they will when they have to.
2) Once one vegetable is infected, others are usually sure to follow. So listen to yourself. If you are concerned , especially with children, skip the vegetable. They say that canned products are not affected. I hope that we don't find out that is untrue.

I guess you don't have to stop eating them all together but I have, actually I don't eat out much and it just isn't worth it to me at restaurants. It is time to do something about this problem. I don't know what solution is but let's hope that some smarter minds in this country can fix the problem.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly hope they get this worked out soon. It is happening so often, I am afraid to eat alot of produce anymore.

Lori Ann