Some Money Saving Tips for Families.

Money Saving Tips

My Kids are a bit older now but when they were young I had a couple of things I did that to save money.

I used to tell my kids we could eat out more often if we skipped the soda when we ate out. It saved us about $5 or more sometimes, whenever we ate out. When the kids got home or before we would eat out I would let them have a can of soda. I always let them know we were able to eat out more often because of it.

A second thing I did especially when they were little was I told my kids that whenever they heard the Ice Cream Truck come through the neighborhood they could go to the freezer and get an Ice Cream cone or Ice Cream treat. We all know how expensive Ice Cream Truck treats are. I would keep the Store Brand in the freezer just for when the Ice Cream Truck rolled around.

Before you think my kids were traumatized by this and may end up on Oprah, my kids got very used to the soda thing and I expect my newly married daughter will do the same thing if she has children, they laugh about this now . My daughter is way more traumatized by the fact that she only got 25 cents under her pillow for a lost tooth then I raised it later realizing how low that was and her younger brother got more benefit. I still hear about this. I wish I had given her a settlement payment when I changed it when she was young. As far as the Ice Cream truck they got very excited everytime they heard the music because they knew it was Ice Cream time.
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