Hell is coming to Canada... Eh???

Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsey opening New Restaurant in Toronto. Who is going to eat there?

We just learned that Chef Ramsey, Fox Network's Hell's Kitchen star, is opening a new restaurant in Toronto, Canada. The 41-year-old author of several books is known for his tantrums on the popular program. Even though I have not watched this program at length I have seen some clips on one of my favorite programs, The Soup. After watching the following clip I would not want to eat in any of his many restaurants. Why is this this, dare I say, abusive chef being rewarded for his behavior in a world full of harrasment lawsuits and haughty, finicky customers. I can't imagine the draw, unless the chef is there every night yelling at everyone in person.

What is the motivation? Do people want to place a difficult order in the hopes that Ramsey and the cameras come for another round of verbal abuse? After that they can go home, call their friends, and say, "Watch Hell's Kitchen! He made me look like a complete fool the other night. Hopefully the show should be airing soon." Honestly, if that ever happened to me Chef Ramsey would be served in court. I wouldn't even need a lawyer, all my evidence is on channel 31 at 7 o'clock.

Warning-clip was not completely edited for foul language.


Anonymous said...

OMG. This clip is unbelievable.