Total Solar Eclipse on Friday August 1st. When will we have one here?

More information can be found here. This eclipse will not be visible in the US. Even though I am sure we will be able to see a simulcast and video on the internet.

So, this got me thinking, when will the next total eclipse occur in the USA? Here is the answer.

Aug 21,2017 - Total Solar Eclipse

The path starts in the Pacific, crosses right over the U.S.A., and ends in the mid Atlantic off Africa. The eclipse will be visible as a spectacular total eclipse to millions of people in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, the north-east corner of Kansas, Missouri, southern Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, north-east Georgia, and the Carolinas.

They say it is a very emotional experience. So, here is a video of an eclipse in Cabo, Mexico in 1991. I can't wait until we will have the eclipse in the USA. It will be amazing.

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