Restaurant Reviews Aurora, CO

Armando's Ristorante & Pizzeria in Aurora,Co

If you live in Denver, Colorado or are just passing through, this is the place to eat, relax, and have fun!

At first, it is easy to overlook the small building nestled in the shopping center containing the local Dairy Queen and 7-Eleven. I myself only noticed the place four years ago after hearing about it from friends and neighbors, even though I have lived in the Aurora nearly five times longer. Yet in all of my life I have never visited a restaurant as great as Armando's.

The food is absolutely delicious. You have your choice of a wide range of real, gourmet pastas, starting with the simplest (but no less delicious) homeade spaghetti. Their homeade spaghetti is my personal favorite and the most popular dish at the restaurant. Or you can go another route and order their Neopolitan pizza featuring an array of toppings. Never have I tasted a pizza that comes close to its succulence. Or you can select any of the many other choices on the menu, all straight from the heart of Napoli. And how do you cap an excellent meal? With their homeade Tiramisu of course! So wonderful that you cannot refuse to eat it even after filling yourself up on the first course.

Rest assured that your food will also come with great service and an excellent atmosphere. The place is small, but busy (so go early in the evening, especially on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). However the staff is determined to serve you your food as quickly as possible and make sure you enjoy your meal. And they could not be friendlier! The place is run by Armando, his wife, and his two daughters. They welcome you into the restaurant like family and treat you as such. I often stay long after my meal is done just to talk with the servers.

I have been going to Armando's almost every week for four years and have never been disappointed. Yet this is the kind of place that you wonder why you never heard about it earlier. You wish you could have back all those missed opportunities to enjoy a meal there. I for one will continue to enjoy it as much as possible. You should too. Here is its location:

16611 E Smoky Hill Rd
Aurora, CO 80015
Phone: (303) 690-6660

They also opened a restaurant in Parker recently. Now there are two places to enjoy Armando's food! Here is its location:

9964 S Twenty Mile Rd
Parker, CO 80134
Phone: (720) 851-6770

Go, eat, and enjoy!