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Taco Bell (Hell) Complaints

We hear that Taco Bell by far has the most complaints of any fast food restaurants. I live near a Taco Bell that we just won't visit anymore. People fear their drive thru. They look at the enter sign like it says "beware of dog". Actually it should say beware of 30 minute or long waits.
I was at said Taco Bell just a few months ago and there was an accident from someone trying to back out of the drive-through because they were stuck in there for a long time. Everyone I have talked to says it takes 20-30 minutes in the drive through and because it is the "old style" where there is no where to run, you are trapped. After 20 minutes I longingly wish for Friday rush hour traffic: at least traffic moves occasionally. I have considered going up the curb and driving on the grass several times, damage to my car be damned. I have since learned to avoid going the drive through at all costs or at least bring my copy of war and peace.

So, I figured I take dining room route. But then I found quickly realized that at least I got to sit when waiting in my car. The last straw was when I went to the front counter and there was trash all over the front counter and it took them 10 minutes just to get someone up there to take my order. Then my son in law said that he and his friends got food poisoning from that restaurant. We just don't take our chances anymore.
Well, they have earned themselves a hall of shame Taco Bell Complaints board in our forums. Please let others know about your worst experiences and by all means, if you find a good Taco Bell please let us know too!

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