Come Hungry, Leave. . . Empty? Restaurant Food Portions in Decline

New Tactics Restaurants are Using are magic tricks.

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We found a Washington Post Article stating that restaurants are now using tricks to help them trim portions because of the economy. These chefs are getting skillful.

A Couple of excerpts-

And many restaurants are putting the great American portion -- a monstrosity by the standards of international cuisine -- on a diet, as surreptitiously as possible. Lots of restaurants are buying smaller plates to make the reduced servings look just as large, or lighter silverware so that even if there are fewer bites per serving, each bite feels heavier than usual on the fork. A la carte portions of high-priced dishes -- steaks, for example -- are getting pared back and surrounded by low-cost starches and vegetables.

We've advised a lot of clients to switch from an eight-ounce filet to two three-ounce filets," says Rastelli Foods owner Ray Rastelli, who sells to 6,000 restaurants in the New Jersey, New York and Delaware area. "They reduce their cost by 25 percent and they change the plate presentation, adding some strategically placed accouterments. It looks like more food and it actually costs less."

Restaurants have now resorted to trickery. Very interesting reading. We would definitely recommend the article. And we will continue to strive to saving money for you.

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